Monday, May 7, 2012

Leuthold's Col on Mount and Hood

Skier Boyz PNW division checking in. Last night I was crushing beers at Double Barrel Brew Co in Hood River, Oregon and ran into some folks who got me stoked on corn today. I thought I'd have to wait another day for that, but I was wrong. I took the chair lift to the top of the resort, and started hiking at about 10: and a half inch cock. Several spliffs later I found myself floating up the South Side of the Hood Wand, where I encountered some French Folks. They live in La Grave and were soooopah cool. We hung out at the summit, ate some fromage, had a beer (Poured a little out for Adam), had another spliff, and enjoyed the the glorious HIGH pressure. We decided to ski together and they were psyched on my descent plan, Senor Leuthold's Col. After a few hundred feet of rime ice we found our way into the chute. 2,000 ft of corn later we bottomed out and did a 300 ft hike up the the Illumination Cock saddle. We then skied down the Zig Zag and traversed back to the piste which led us to lot. Word is that a few buffalo's will be in the area tomorrow and there might be some more corn harvesting.
~Temperature Gradient

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