Saturday, November 12, 2011

White Rim in a Day Solo

Some of the amazing sights along a eight mile stretch of the white rim.

I dropped my water bottle in this crack and had to go after it.
It's hard see the trail conditions in this pic, but is was great riding with very little sand due to recent rain.

Better look at that 8 mile stretch....
Panoramic of a section of the white rim.
My faithful steed gave the white rim hell not a single break down.Green River
The Candle Stick Tower

This was taken on top of murphy's hogback at 53 miles in the piont of no return both my quadracieps cramped and locked up on me. I honestly thought I was a sitting duck at this point because I was 25 miles from my car support, I had not crossed the hard scrable yet, and my legs where locking straight every time I stood up straight at this point. I changed my attack plan for the ride...Before mile 53, I was pedaling almost all the time and after hitting the mile 53 wall, I would pedal at an average speed of under 11 mph. It worked!!! My legs never broke down like that for the rest of the ride.

I have to give mad respect to Barstow on this one, he gave me beta on the trail from when he road it. He told me of things to look for and signs of my progress. I should be known that all Skier Boyz,' The Creep'n Catipillar, and a snowmaker talked a big game about going on this ride But when it came down to it there was only a lone old wasatch guy on the trail that day.
~El Borracho Loco

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  1. Glad you made it and persevered through mile 53.

    Come to Moab for a conference or meeting to Mix Business with Pleasure next time, maybe, a little team building.

    The Moab Travel Council has staff to help with logistics for meetings.