Monday, October 17, 2011

Tenderfoot Ridge: 10/16

Sign no more: ski season has arrived on the Kenai Peninsula. Yes, I know people have been skiing Turnagain since late September, but the approaches are diminishing as the snow line slowly creeps towards the roadside.

Our rather large group converged on the Tenderfoot Campground between the Summit Lakes. Despite the lack of snow in the car-park, the approach to Tenderfoot Ridge is benign thanks to some early ski entrepreneurs. Trails cut in the 50's for Summit Lake Ski Hill make for a bush-whack-free climb.
From the Bottom of Summit Lake Ski Hill

Skins went on 400' above the lake. Snow pack grew quickly throughout the ascent (≈24" between 3,000' and 4,000'). Tenderfoot Ridge is a series of false summits tempting you higher and higher. Just 5 mores minutes and we'll top out. Nope! Try again and......... denied.

Not the Top

Numerous glide cracks had opened on steeper slopes with many reaching Butcher and Tenderfoot Creeks. We elected to schuss the mellower slopes of the "front side". Snow was falling but not fast enough to obscure tracks between runs.

The Wise Owl Contemplates another False Summit

Skiing was good and there are enough trees on Tenderfoot to keep the vertigo at bay on those rare flat light days. High density creamy goodness kept the team on top.

Occupy Freshies
- Emmet Otter

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