Monday, October 24, 2011

Dog Sh*t Ridge: October 23

Conditions in the Summit / Turnagain area have remained mostly static since last week. Skins go on at 2,000' and the skiing gets good at 2,500'.

There were several large groups on Tincan on Sunday. There's a reason why this trailhead is so popular: the large variety of terrain and easy access. You can hit mellow bowls, pillow lines through the trees, drops big and small, steep faces, and even nordic terrain. And if you can't find a line that scares you going out past Tincan Proper, well buster, you're not looking very hard. There's evan a trail cut through the brush so access is good year round.

Chilkoot Trail Reenactment

We started in the rain and planned to get soaked, but as the day progressed conditions improved. Fog remained the valley but it was mostly sunny higher up.

Above the Fog

There was a heavy creamy layer on top. Snow was boot deep and it the turning was easy and by the end of the day, the Bowl was tracked out.

Winter on top of Fall

The valleys are awash in beautiful fall colors; warm and inviting. Up high, sun with calm conditions made for a wonderful day in the mountains. But the in-between can eat a bag of hot diapers. Hopefully Mother Nature will hit the reset button a few times this week so my Halloween costume can be "a guy getting face shots."

- U.K.

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