Friday, August 19, 2011

Isolation Traverse

So here in Washington we also benefited from La Nina. And in the first week of June skiable snow still reached down to just under 3000 ft. I was fortunate enough to head up to Cascade Pass with three promising recruits to the PNW division of the Skier Boyz franchise.

The terrain was awesome and we managed to keep things nice and light -- 7 days worth of food, shelter, fuel and gear into 35L packs. Long days and great weather, with only a little stretch of low vis in the middle, made for a fun trip. We took our time heading North from Cascade Pass towards Eldorado and eventually pushing all the way to Diablo and the car that held the precious celebratory barley soda-pops. With two layover days there was plenty of time to get some turns in. After dinner corn skiing and some steeps in between. Check out the full trip report and pictures taken by both myself and Jason Hummel at:

Additional images of Jason's can be seen at:

I'm already fired up about the coming season and reuniting with Boyz (and Girlz) in AK, Utah, and anywhere else we might bring together big turns and deep snow (and maybe a little brown liquor).


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