Monday, July 4, 2011

Todd's: July 3

On a recent trip to Seward, I noticed Todd's on Tincan Ridge was looking surprisingly good. Sunday would be judgment day and at the crack of noon, I was off.

Todd's from the Highway

Roadside snow is long gone, so I had mentally prepared for a punishing bushwhack. But lo, what light through yonder window breaks? A trail. ¡No mierda!


The summer trail avoids all bushwhacking and generally follows the winter skinner until reaching the tundra. I was able to skirt the snow fields until the final ridge to Tincan Common. Even then, the snow hiking was short lived. After a leisurely 2-hour walk, I was looking down Todd's. My feet were shocked when they were shoved unceremoniously into their dark plastic dungeons. But that was their problem, not mine.

Still Plenty of Snow Up High

The snow was soft and tempted me to let 'em run. I attempted to oblige, but large sun-cups dictated a more conservative strategy. The snow was fun and super carvy when speeds were in the reasonable range. After a quick 1,700' vert, the Atomics lunged into a trademarked high-speed tundra docking. Now was the time for leniency for the poor feet. Your sentence is hereby commuted to time served.

Arty Black & White Photos Mean Crap Weather

The snow is good and may hang on for worthwhile turns for another week or two. The trail is in great shape and Todd's provides to perfect redemption to being skunked on the Russian.

- Sylvain Chomet

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