Thursday, April 14, 2011

White Rim in A Day

With all of the talk about creating new rides, such as the proposed Mt. Superior Roller Coaster, Todd Glew and I decided that it was time to check out some of the rides that already exist in Utah. Our plan was to check out some of the pre-existing rides in Utah and send information to developers so that they would realize that there are already enough great rides in Utah. We figured the White Rim would be a good option for a ride to open our season. The White Rim is a famous trail that circumnavigates the Island in the Sky region of Canyonlands National Park. This ride is 103 miles long and is traditionally completed in three days, utilizing vehicle support for camping gear and water.
In our quest to scout many rides to get information to the roller coaster developers, we opted to do the entire 103 miles in one day.
Our only obstacle in completing this task was that Todd did not own a bike, in fact he had not gone mountain biking in five years. Luckily we borrowed a bike from his roommate. Unfortunately the rear shock on this bike did not work, which made for an uncomfortable 103 mile ride over the rough terrain of the White Rim. This was a true endurance challenge that tested both our minds and bodies and required a headlamp to make it back into camp.

- Our suggestion to the roller coaster developers: Experience this ride or one of the million other amazing natural locations in Utah before you destroy one to build your roller coaster.

Todd trying to look like a clown at the amusement park known as the White Rim.

Adam M. Lawton


  1. Holy moly! Strong work by The Prophet & J-Wow

  2. nice work're earning your creekster vacation!