Saturday, April 9, 2011

Valdez to Cordova Camps

For you GPS / google earth savvy folks, here are the locations of our camps:

"Couloir" Camp (Camp 2): N 60°57.444', W 145°55.063'
"Chasms Deep" (3): N 60°56.909', W 145°53.902'
"Bat Wing" (4): N 60°55.440', W145°50.083'
High Camp (5): N 60°53.885°, W 145°45.397'
Lost Camp (6): N 60°52.104', W 145°41.965'
Toe Camp (7): N 60°49.512', W 145°34.305'
Crag Camp (8): N 60°49.135', W 145°33.399'
Upper Rude (9): N 60°46.812', W 145°31.712'
Wet Camp (10): N 60°40.535', W 145°35.387'
Pick-up Point N 60°39.641', W 145°39.760'

Weather, heavy snow, white-outs, low snow, open rivers, heavy loads, and route finding made for slow going. There were multiple times where we had to shuttle gear making it necessary to cover the same ground multiple times. Bush-whacking made for slow going too. Often in the evening after camp was set up, we would set out in the evening to break trail through deep snow, so the track would be in for the next day. Please don't think too poorly of us.

Photos and prose to follow shortly.

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