Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tushar Mountains: January 11-13

Pot roast. Soup. Sprout salad. Maps. Winter camping? Who's in? Where are we meeting?

Preemptive Strike. Where you at Linda? Contact. Condo. Smith's, bagels, gas, and booze. I-15, Timp, Pole Canyon, Sanataquin. Scipio and zebras. Beaver Canyon, Eagle Point, Unit 20. Boots on. High lot. Sparky. Nomad of the Tushars. One bad-ass ski instructor. Hard pack, meadow traverse, bloody paw, Lake Peak, carvy turns. Alpenglow, sunset, better sunset, best sunset. Where's Todd?

Delayed Thunder, Italian night, beers, plans, food, collodial silver. I'm the food and beverage director for the resort. VT vs. MA. MA FTW. Sleep apnea, sleep eating, 2 more lemons. Bed

Egg sammies. Skinning, Puffer Lake, City Creek Peak, Freeride Comp. Zip Rugwells. Pow, trees, steep, squalls, wind, ponderosas. Panorama Point, steep, soft, tight. Sheembob's, Alec Baldwin's, Man Balls, and return to Puffer. Clearing skies, an eight lane skinner, up a groomer, down a groomer.

Alec, shepherds pie, where's the beef? Squash, beer, Indian sewage cola pills. Good beg! Seahorse, plans, Norah Jones, rest.

French toast, bluebird, SPF, are you telemarking or cross country touring? Yes. Lone Pine Bowl, booter, crampons, Mountain Holly. Runaway ski. Foreshadow. Lake Peak. Ruby Pyramid. Runaway sandwich. Foreshadow. Shreddy and Alec tango. Garden Path. Minnow's Tail. Corn, powder, steep, narrow, rocky, aspen strainer. Eagle Point. Where's Stef? Condo? Lift? Lot? Slide for life. 1 ski. Beattie posse mounts up. Sinkowitz! Sinkowitz! Sinkowitz! Mo-Faaaaaaaat! Success!

The Prophet Attempts a New Route

The Wiggler and Lone Tree Bowl: Mountain Holly

Central Utah Sunset

Clown Parade

Topping Out on Mountain Holly

Squinney in the Garden Path

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