Friday, January 14, 2011

the berkshire division of skier boyz on the mower

roy herbason nursing a broken dynafit to the bottom of the mower he must of toured those binders into the ground again
sometimes I wonder how many board feet of of trees where consumed by this slide path over the years

scogs inspecting at a glide fracture lower on the mower

Amanda sking the mower for the first time and learning the kick-turn

Scogs above the glide fractue laying down turns with out rocker.

The massachusetts division of the skier boyz went out this morning expecting a normal tour upon arrival to the mower we ran into the last sterbender on his 2400 snowbile he even offered to put custom rocker on all our skis unfortunately he got my skis everyone else got away . Now i got rocker everywhere and can't even tell whats the tip and tail they both look the same. I guess I should have listened to tightass on the whole wasatch being closed to day.

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