Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tri-Tip: December 11

Summit continues to deliver. Today Hubert and I decided Tri-Tip would be a the way to go. Summit Lake is now frozen allowing us to short-cut over the ice. This saved about 20 minutes. As usual, H set the skinner from the vehicle to the top. There were some class 4 and 4+ moves, no class 5 this time. After 90 minutes and 3,000 vert I reached the top to find Hubert well rested.

The light was better on South facing, but South facing has been variable in Summit lately, so we opted for the big West Bowl. Good choice. The snow is about 12" deep over the dreaded Thanksgiving Rain Crust. This was enough to make for some quiet schussing.

It was good, and the skies were clearing. So there was really no choice. Back up and near the top we gained the sun. Our line was bathed in a soft pink hue. There wasn't time to linger so back to the lake.

Hubert Catching the Fading Light

Sunset Over Summit Lake

3,000' Vertical from Summit to Lake (Skied Lookers' Right)

Getting to Tri-Tip
Park at the 1st pullout next to Upper Summit Lake (mile 47.5-ish on the Seward Highway)
Cross the lake and head on up
From the top of Tri-Tip there are North, South, and West shots
Choose wisely
Ski it

- The Kingpin

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