Wednesday, December 1, 2010


October 25th was the date that it started snowing in the Wasatch. It was a skier boy'z 29th Birthday and he was excited to begin the ski season. This year it didn't warm up like it usually does after the first snowfall. Almost 150 inches by Dec. 1st!!!
Gotta take your birthday shot before you get your face shots.
Oct. 26- Opening the season on So Long, Alta.
After summiting Sunset Peak Dan Corn dips deep into its classy NW face.Back on the rock, LCC.
Dillan and Brett back on top feeling good about the white Wasatch's return.
Lawton sending Upper Days.
Brett dropping into the Upper Hallway. Looks like hes done this one before.
Crossman can't believe he's skiing Suicide chute this early and this good!!
Some thought he wouldn't be back this season, but I got to tour with the Wiggler during a bi-canyon tour last week. We found the goods.
For Thanksgiving I went down to Red Rock Canyon to take one last climbing trip with Gaelen. We got shut down pretty hard due to cold weather and some snow. This is a picture of Black Velvet canyon where we attempted Prince of Darkness, but retreated two pitches up.
Windy Peak had sun exposure all day, but we got shut down again because of the cold temps.
Gaelens last climb of the season. Have fun and be safe in Thailand, see you in April.

Kid Buffalo

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