Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tincan: May 31

Does Tincan really deserve a post? Really? It's the most skied line at Turnagain. Come off it!

Typically I would agree with that, but this was my 72nd day of backcountry of the season besting my previous high of 71. We've all put big numbers riding chairs, but never have I hiked so much in one season. Well, I'm sure you care more about the skiing than numbers.

Good Afternoon Skiers and Riders
This is your early June snow report for Turnagain Pass. Come on up and send it. It's full on! There is still snow down to the road at the Pass. Our recent strech strech of awesome weather has allowed the snow to cook down and is just about neve. Turnagain is still buried and the snow is fast and very white. And where the hell is everyone? The skiing right now crushes the thin, sketchy snowpack we had up until Turkey day. It's a ghost town up here, but why did all the miner 49er's leave all the goods behind? The lines are all filled in and the skiing and riding is excellent.

Snow Down to Road Level

Tincan Common

Despite the great conditions, I expect to be talking to imaginery birds and singing to myself again this weekend.
- Frank Machin

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