Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sky Ramps broke my heart

The Heart of Darkness is not a line recommended by skier boyz, but on the other side are the Sky Ramps, highly recommended.

This season has expanded the mind of local skiers, from Base jumping to Ski rappel lines. The Skier Boyz have been focused on skiing  worthy descents in the Wasatch. This pic shows the upper and lower ramps we skied today. Both ramps required careful skining on the edge of a huge cliff.  This tour was partly inspired by seeing these ramps from Monte Cristo and who put a blog about the lower ramp last year.  
This is Ramp number one from the top of the Heart, we called it "Skywalker".  When the Ramp turns onto the face it gets steep and exposed.  A nice complete ramp line with exposure and a hero apron.

Shred i descending the vulnerable Ramp in the sky.

Real SB Stefan hacked away at this cornice and climbed to the summit cone. I could only watch with aspirations to complete this line myself one day because the exposure in the Ramp made me queezy.
Boy did he get it! The snow was cascading over the cliff making it a nail biter to watch.

The snow was perfect back there. The sun was out, but still it remained cool up high.

This is the second ramp that Jake and I skied viewed from the Heart.

Top of Ramp Two. Track in the background coming out of the Heart and Ramp One.

This is a sequence of Jake on skiing the second ramp in primo powder

It just feels right when you have your skis on and the climbing is over. Powder ramps!

The photo gives this line no justice to the danger feel going up and coming down. The snow was so nice and deep in there that we were making turns on the edge.

Skier Boyz were the only ones making turns in the upper Mill B arena today, getting Amped for some Ramps!
Shreddy skiing out of Mill B with the Sundial in the background a stunning basin to ski out.  Still snow all the way down to the S turn parking area

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