Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shit Show Tours NW Pheiferhorn

Will Roth and Shit Show Tours needed a hair of the dog to get them up and on the trail for a 11 a.m. alpine start to climb and ski the Wasatch's fiftth tallest peak.

The Brothers Frerk make it onto the east ridge of the Pheiferhorn, good exposure.
The troopers moving up, excellent exposure.
Team Shit Show hits the summit cone at 5 p.m. We found a large bag of sour patch kids at the top, ironic treat. I think we missed seeing some other boys up here, they must have started at dark, fools.
Holy Buffalo! Making turns right off the summit
Duggie, energized from a vegemite sandwich, doing his best impersonation of riding a kangaroo.
Looking up the rappel that the Green Mountain Freeriders hope to launch for a clean descent. It was impressive watching x skier boy Will Roth descend down to the rappel. I was glad to be on skis and still in Skier Boys.
It was amazing to share this classic line with my brother Jared. You can't ski stuff like this in MA, or can you?
Happy Brothers at dusk.
The Dude beats another hangover with an epic day!

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  1. yeah frerks! check out this vid of cousin nate the weekend of march 12. could only go a short way up the little headwall because of the avalanche danger, but the snow was nice and the sherburne skied awesome!