Wednesday, May 13, 2009

APRIL 19th 2009

Who didnt hike baldy closing day

APRIL 19th closing day AltA fresh off an epic powder cycle around half of most mountains annual average fell in 3 weeks. those 3 weeks went by like nobody could believe, just like nobody could believe what seemed like every night it snowed at least a foot sometimes two. Some people say april 1st was the best day of their lives, some say april 4th. Spirits were high. How could a year end any better than ~200 inches in less than a moon cycle????? It can't. But a bluebird closing day at AltA comes close.

Dan goes huge while most altoids are sitting on their asses getting drunk.
Tim from Alfs being a dirty dirty hippie. Being a dirty dirty hippie looks like alot of fun here.

The HIGHBOY PARTY around 4pm. The crowd seemed big. We saw alot of people whom had their first ski day at alta of the year today. We arrived after talia's band played at watsons. At first the party is out of hand and people are semi annoying, you know in the back of your head they will all leave soon and you will get your mountain back, some points it feels like that time will never come. Highboy Party is a place where the beer flows like wine and the women instinctivly flock like the salmon of capastrano.
Once the obnoxious crowd left, we pulled out the large beer can that all skierboyz know and love. One may ask how do you get a keg to a highboy party, well it took alot of tools, inginuity and muscle. Skiing the traverse to highboy kegless has claimed many of the weak. Its obvious we arent dealing with amateurs.
The sun sets as the pbr flows off of our bootleg can.... kegs are illegal in the state of utah
Squinny pops in for a visit.
The crowd around 8pm.
Like every begining has a new ending, kegs dont last forever. Done just as the sun set over LCC. at this point Shreddy might have a man crush on Dan, and Boyd kept the stoke up.
Thats why you come prepared to finish the party right. The conditions were so epic notice the unprotected flame under what i suspect to be tobacco......and is that a trace of a buffalo?
Dynafits and drunks dont mix. I think we were all as messed up as boyd, but he just makes it look good. MY best highboy party and a great day to end the alta ski lift season. Thanks guys!


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